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  1. neil
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    I am a big fan of just walking through the city. There are some great walks from St.James to Kings cross and around the city. Some of the best places in London it is best to stumble upon…

    Tips for London: Walk or Bus until you know the city. Tube is practical but you miss so much. See the sights but also take a random walk, chill in a park, find a nice cafe or pub.

  2. Rob Tatman
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    If you are wondering anywhere near The Strand in winter pop into the Somerset House courtyard. They install an ice-skating rink and the lighting on the elegant Neoclassical buildings is very atmospheric. It’s free to watch.


    If you want to join in then advance (paid) booking recommended.

  3. Rob Young
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    Ice skating can also be found outdoors in winter out front of the Natural History Museum, a similarly picturesque backdrop to Somerset House. Speaking of which, the Summer Screen event at Somerset House each year is well worth a look – bring a blanket, nibbles and drinks and pre book your ticket for a movie going experience that is pretty unique.

    Personally I’m with the walkers here. London, and in particular the City, is an incredibly rich site for discovering the ancient, the fascinating and the quaint. The Dickensian feel of the narrow, claustrophobic streets and alleys you can find near Spitalfields; the knack you develop for spotting Wren’s buildings scattered about, churches especially; the still visible remains of the old city walls around Barbican and the Museum of London; the soaring, gleaming skyscrapers that are currently redrawing the skyline; down to the remains of the Roman Amphitheatre accessible down beneath the Guildhall.

    Walking the streets of the City on a weekend is to be recommended since its streets are largely deserted (compared to weekdays) and you get to feel as though one of the greatest cities on earth is all yours for the day. And the centuries old pubs are marvellous and the ones that do open on a weekend are a delighfully far cry from the sound and fury of a Friday night.

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