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Located close to Central park on the 5th Avenue in New York is the largest art museum in the United StatesMetropolitan Museum of Art.  Spread over an area of an astonishing two million square feet, the museum opened its door to the public on 20th February 1872, and is among the top two most visited art museums in the world.  The museum is one of the finest collections of art from across the world and the collection contains a mind boggling two million works.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art you will get an opportunity to admire the works of almost all the European masters as well as an impressive collection of art from Asia, Africa, Byzantine and Islamic world.   Among the most popular artifacts is the collection of over 14,000 arms and armories from different parts of the world with the most attractive being the parade of armored figures.   At the museum you get a sense of development in the art world, as you can view classic art from the medieval period through to abstract art of the modern era under a single roof.

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Lucy Dodsworth of says “If you’re there in the summer their rooftop turns into a bar with great views across Central Park. And for a sneaky money-saving tip, the $25 entry price is actually a suggested donation rather than a fixed price, so if you’re happy to brazen it out you can pay less”
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Suzanne Lea Jones of says “A couple of the paintings I remember were The Scream and Starry Night – both much smaller than I expected”
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States
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