The Best Travel Quotes of the Year, So Far…Pt.2

The Best Travel Quotes of the Year, So Far…Pt.2


Following the success of The Best Travel Quotes of the Year, So Far… it’s time for another look at some of our favourite quotes over the last few months.

From British obsenities to blogging success, sit back and enjoy more pearlsof wisdom  from the travel blogging community.

The question I faced, and the question which everyone has to face is, “what are you going to do with your life?”  You can spend it accumulating crap that will eventually all be thrown away. You can spend it trying to impress other people that you probably don’t really care for. You can spend it toiling day after day at something you don’t enjoy doing.   OR You can spend it seeing and exploring all this incredible world has to offer.

From The Top 10 Reasons to Travel Condensed Down Into 1 by Gary Arndt

As a writer I’ve always expected a combination of scotch, explosives and handguns to do me in.

From On Insanity, Self-Loathing and the Life-or-Death Struggle for Inner Peace by debndave

India shocked me in its ability to shake and awaken me. Yet, in all of its chaos and sadness, India will leave you yearning to dive deeper and experience more. So, prepare yourself you can try, but prepared you will never be; to truly appreciate and enjoy that place they refer to in travel magazines as “Incredible India” is best savored through openness, not readiness.

From India: Too Tough to Travel? by C. Ryan

The freedom to encounter new cultures, exotic foods and the lack of structure, routine and ‘gawd awful’ alarms clocks that comprise the ‘typical life’ was something I completely relished.

From The ‘desire’ to travel trumps the ‘plan’ to save for it by Nomadic Samuel

Transforming from Dick to Jane or vice-versa was less than double the cost of a facelift and less than two and a half times cheaper than liposuction as one could literally have his/her Wee Willy Wonka wacked off completely or attached for quite a reasonable price according to this post.

From Plastic Surgery in Asia | Quirky Travel Story by Nomadic Samuel

The question of what is a popular form of insult said by British people to each other, attracted different votes. “W*nker” got 38% , “f*ck off” 29% and the others got lower percentage results and I won’t mention them here!

From A brief guide to British culture by English dad in Moscow

Here we see the Mike – a shy, awkward animal at the best of times, worryingly nocturnal and notoriously difficult to capture on camera (here we rigged up a shutter-trap with a Battlestar Galactica box-set and a jar of Nutella).

From What’s Your Story? by Mike Sowden

Almost all of you who start travel blogging with the hopes of doing it full-time will have given up a year from now.

From The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger by Kate McCulley.

Travel is such a personal thing: one man’s art museum is another man’s prison. Personally, I can feel highly entertained just browsing in a bookstore (though if you want to kill me with boredom, plop me in the middle of a golf course.)

From My Cape Town Favorites by Andrew Evans

Beneath the display, on a hand-constructed table, there’s a kind of discount bin of dried animal parts: broken horns, fuzzy pelts, lizard feet and rodent heads. One whiff smells a lot like very dead animals, but these are actually all ingredients for muthi – traditional Zulu medicine.

From Zulu Muthi Market by Andrew Evans

My post-run shower had to wait a few minutes while the attentive staff got the astonishingly large amount of Howler monkey scat cleaned out of the shower floor. Pretty sure it was the large male leader of the troupe, and as he swung by he decided to leave us that little gift to remind us that we’re in his domain.

From Monkey Poo in the Shower? by Irene of GreenSpot.Travel

Keep in mind, we don’t consider ourselves professional beer connoisseurs and our beer reviews can easily be influenced by how many were consumed that day.

From Drinking Beer Around the World – Part 12 by Cameron and Nicole Wears

For some reason, this morning, just seconds after waking up, I started thinking about an elderly Indian man.

From The Simplest Hotel In The World by Earl

There’s also some designer carpentry to spruce up the bathroom, decking area complete with plants in case the worst does happen and not forgetting the gas masks, bullet proof vests, shotguns, cross-bows, 9mm pistols, and a cupboard full of AK-47?s.

From Rockin J’s and the crazy ark by Beth and Gaz

Goats are one of those animals I think are either utterly adorable or possibly the Devil’s spawn. It’s hard to tell. When small, CUTE!  But then, sometimes, they do stuff like stick out their tongue while doing something they KNOW is not the best idea.

From The Goats Of Oman by Peter West Carey

The cheese is matured in barrels of wine, a unique all-in-one take on the magic of cheese and wine. It is called Umbriaco, which means ‘drunken’ in Italian. And it’s delicious.

From The Delight of Borough Market by Katy Stewart

If the yuan continues to lose at least 1% per week, as it did last week, China will become an even greater bargain than before. What’s bad news for the world’s economy is good news for the tourist.

From Summertime Musings on Recent Developments, Events and Issues in Travel by Arthur Frommer

Be sure to check out each of the above bloggers, they really appreciate you dropping by their blogs.  Keep posted for more fabulous quotes later in the year!


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