The Best Travel Quotes of the Year, So Far…

The Best Travel Quotes of the Year, So Far…
There have been many timeless, yet well-worn quotes from the likes of Lao Tzu to Paul Theroux.  They remind us why we travel and inspire us to continue.

However, these days with a plethora of talented travel bloggers you don’t have to look too far for a great line or two.  So here are our favourite quotes we’ve read since the start of the year.

I try aisle 3. Bread. Strange jars of cabbagey, pickly things. More bread. Larger pickly things. Even more bread. Dear god, Latvians like their bread.

From How To Be Rude To A Latvian by Mike Sowden.

It’s part of why you travel – to struggle to understand, to experience. Guide books are full of answers, but it’s important to encounter the questions yourself.

From Clueless (And Loving It) in Berlin by Mike Sowden.

One of the highlights of Central American travel is definitely the level of intimacy you share with people on public transport.

From Border Crossing: Guatemala to Honduras by Jamie and Jess.

Nothing can be more touching than a heartfelt article that evokes strong emotions, but I most admit, I gravitate more towards blogs that offer a little quirk and are not as straight as an arrow.

From Travel Blogs with an Edge by Nomadic Samuel.

Throw a cocktail of cultures, a pinch of the Amazon and tastes of the Pacific Ocean into the cooking pot, leave to simmer for several centuries and the result is Peruvian cuisine.

From Lima: The Gastronomic Capital of the Americas by Nomadic Samuel.

To my ears there is definitely an elegance to German, though dissimilar to the grace of the flowing romance tongues. German is more like a well trained marching band, for me specifically the drum corps.

From The Beautiful German Language by Andrew Couch.

So instead of telling people you’re going to travel the world, tell them that you’re going to travel YOUR world.

From It’s ok NOT to travel the world by Toni.

If you and I happen to cross paths on a remote jungle trail and you’re carrying a machete, please don’t run towards me with a big smile on your face. I know that you were just excited to point out that lovely bird in the tree and it’s very nice of you but now I have to change my pants.

From Rules of the Road: Guatemalan Edition by Wes Nations.

Seventy-five percent of successful photography is simply making an effort to put yourself in the right place at the right time.

From A Challenge for 2012: Spend Time, Not Money – Part 1 by Ralph Velasco.

It took me a while to realise the bowl in front of him contained chicken’s feet and the twig in his hand, the gristle stuck between his teeth were chicken feet too. Or parts of them. Skin, bones, claws.

From Would You Eat Chickens’ Feet? by Annabel Candy.

Out of thin air, he burst into my path. As I passed a dark, narrow alley he popped out in front of me and walked backwards, keeping pace face-to-face as he harassed me and tried to force me to acknowledge him. He just kept desperately thrusting his goods in my face, smiling, refusing to take no for an answer.

From Wanderlust and culture shock in Latin America or anywhere by Marybeth Bond.

After removing said underwear we both very quickly and awkwardly averted our eyes and laid down next to each other. As the massage began I was starting to relax but was still very aware of the fact that my friend and I were completely naked.

From Violated in Bangkok: My Unhappy Ending by Lauren.

You don’t have to take a photo of yourself in front of a place to prove you were there. There are many beautiful things in the world. Most of them can be captured by camera without you posing with your back to them.

From All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Traveling Around the World by Gary Arndt.

Liechtenstein is delightfully quirky — the Zooey Deschanel of principalities.  Shetland, by comparison, is Bjork laying an egg on the red carpet.

From Shetland: The Strangest Place I’ve Ever Been by Kate McCulley.


Be sure to check out each of the above links and stay tuned for more fabulous quotes from travel blogging community later in the year!


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