Take a Boat on the Bosphoros

On a visit to the Turkish capital of Istanbul you should not miss the opportunity to take a cruise on the Bosphoros Strait.  The waterway, which is about 20 miles long, joins the Black sea to the Sea of Marmara, dividing the continents of Asia and Europe.

There are a number of options available for cruising on the Bosphoros, ranging from a few minutes to an entire day.  Whatever trip you decide you will cruise through the heart of the city passing the beautiful landmarks, including the palaces of the Ottoman Empire, fortresses, Istanbul Art Museum and villages on the shore replete with Ottoman architecture.

If you have opted for the full day cruise (probably best) you will be taken all the way to the Black Sea, where you can enjoy a delectable lunch of fresh fish at Anadolu Kavagi.  If you want to enjoy the lights of the Turkish capital go on a night cruise for a memorable experience.

Photo by Suzanne Lea Jones of thetravelbunny.com

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Suzanne Lea Jones of thetravelbunny.com says “We didn’t book a boat cruise but waited until fifteen minutes before departure and got a great price! ”

Lucy Dodsworth of ontheluce.com says “I’ve sailed along the Bosphorus in two totally different ways. The first was a traditional two-hour trip along the river – there’s no need to book as Suzanne says, as there are so many different companies and boats lined up along the docks near the Galata Bridge, so you can just find the next one leaving (or the one who’ll give you the best price). The second was by cruise ship as we arrived into Istanbul and docked just across the water from Sultanahmet. A bit less authentic but we got a great view from our room out over the minarets at sunset”

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wandering wombat of wanderingwombattales.blogspot.com.au says “We took a cruise ship out of Istanbul and headed for the Black sea, with a Saturday afternoon sail away we got to see all the action and all the sights along the way. On the way back – due to a schedule change we also came back in daylight, on a perfectly sunny and warm day it was just magnificent”
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