Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia

If you love to travel by train the one one journey you should surely undertake is aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway for the 9,289 km journey from Russian capital Moscow to Vladivostok which traverses through Siberia and takes seven days to complete. The construction of the longest railway line in the world started in 1890 when Nicholas II who later on became the Tsar inaugurated its construction at Vladivostok with a hope to enjoy the journey through Russia on what he called The Tsar’s Train.

It would be advisable to make your booking in advance and if you plan to take a break during the journey you should also factor this in advance. This must be clearly shown on your ticket or you run the risk of your booking being regarded as cancelled. The rules stipulate that you are allowed to take one break without any additional charge but you should remember that it could be a difficult task if you do not speak Russian.

There are three types of accommodation that you could opt for with the first being the luxurious Spal’ny Wagon (1st Class) which has two berths in each of the nine compartments, with both berths on the same level. If you are willing to spend the extra money this is the best choice as the service is very good. If you desire to mingle with locals you could opt for Kupe (2nd Class) which also has nine compartments but each compartment has two level berths each on the lower and upper levels but you should keep in mind that you would have to share your lower berth during the day. The third option is Platskartny (3rd Class) which has 54 berths in each carriage and is the limited budget option or you want to have the feel and meet the real Russia. All the coaches have at least 2 western style toilets (which are locked before the train reaches a station) and a sink providing hot and cold water at the end of carriage, while bedding is provided in the first two classes.

On your journey there are many attractions and sights to see along the route. You could make a stop at the city of Irkutsk and see Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world or at Kazan to see the Kazan Kremlin (UNESCO Heritage Site) and Museum of Islam. Stopping at Yekaterinburg you can visit the place where Tsar Nicholas II was assassinated along with his family. As you travel on the Trans-Siberian railway you would cross the obelisk which divides Asia and Europe and admire the varied Russian landscapes with pine, silver fir, birch of the Taigas on the Ural Mountains and the charms of the Siberian rural life.

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