Stand across the Meridian Line, Greenwich

Located in the district of Greenwich of England’s capital London is the official place which divides the world into two halves – The Eastern and the Western hemispheres.  Greenwich lies on the 0′ degree longitude and since 1884 has been the centre of the World Time.

As you visit the Royal Observatory, Greenwich you can see the line marking the Prime Meridian and stand placing a foot either side of the world.   As night falls a green laser beam illuminates the sky marking the Prime Meridian across the London skyline.

If you are at Greenwich around noon you should not miss the chance to see the Time Ball.   At five minutes before 1 p.m. the ball rises up to half mast and three minutes later rises to its full mast before falling down at 1 p.m.   At the planetarium near the Meridian Line you will be stunned by the planetarium cone made by welding 250 bronze plates together, but appear as one.   You can also go back to your school days by learning about the universe through the state of art technology.

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Roisinmiller of says “Combine this with a walk around Greenwich and a trip to the market for some fantastic street food!”
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Lucy Dodsworth of says “I remember standing on the line, but being a bit underwhelmed by it all! I’ve been back to Greenwich a few times since though and it’s a great part of London, lots of things to see (the Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum as well as the observatory), lovely parks and some great riverside pubs”

Amy Lynne Hayes of says “It’s beautiful out there, with much more relaxed vibe than the center of London (naturally). I greatly enjoyed the Maritime Museum as well”

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Royal Observatory, Blackheath Ave, SE10 8XJ

Suzanne Lea Jones of says “A good way to get there is by riverboat along the Thames”

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