Picture The World Project, Western Australia

Milky Way, Western Australia

Photo by Charli & Ben of wanderlusters.co.uk

This long exposure shot of the milky way was taken in the middle of the Nullarbor Plain. A 1100km expanse of highway that bridges Southern and Western Australia. Driving our Winnebago the entire length took us a little under 5 days. With no recognisable civilisation along the length of the Plain we feel this shot highlights the remote beauty of the area. Much of Western Australia is uninhabited and it is because of the lack of light pollution that we were able to get such an incredible view of the night sky.

We’d like to nominate Dani & Jess (of Globetrotter Girls) to submit an image for Chile. They are currently travelling through the region.  We’d also like to nominate Beth and Gaz (of Enjoy The Journey) to submit an Image of Honduras, they lived here for 3 months last year.

What a stunning photo by Charli and Ben to represent Western Australia. I love the idea of being in Western Australia looking out…well up!

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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