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Photo by Jason Visco of anoutofthewayplace.com

As a full-time travel blogger I often get asked what I think the most beautiful country is.  While I don’t believe there’s a real answer to that question, when forced to respond, people are surprised when I pick the United States, but I’ve given it a lot of thought.  When it comes to unspoiled wilderness and a variety of landscapes the United States has amazing diverse options.  
I like this photo because it captures three of those features with the great sand dunes and rocky mountains rising out of the great plains,  I also like the road, which just stretched on and on for hours with no one else in sight.  You just can’t find a road like this too many places in the world.

The two people I’d like to nominate are Janina Bikova and Giulian Cimarosti (of blog.travelreportage.com).
Thanks Jason for this stunning photo.  I could look at this picture for hours! Let’s see what Janina and Giulian can come up with…
Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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