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Photo by Martina of themartina.com

Other than flamenco, free tapas with drinks and endless sunshine, Spain in general, and the Spanish south region of Andalucia in particular, are famous for their ceramics. The pottery techniques were brought to the Iberian peninsula by the Moors in 12th century and throughout the years, the Spanish developed their own distinctive designs.

Colourful patterns on tiles that adorn entrances to homes, stairs, and walls are popular in Spain but for me it’s the tableware that stands out. I brought back from Seville handmade tapas dishes in yellows, reds, and orange, that remind me of the sunlit Andalucia.

I nominate Shona Anderson (facebook.com/shona.anderson.35) for her pictures of Argentina and all of MatadorU staff for any of their amazing photos.

Thanks Martina for sharing another fantastic photo. Really reminds me of my visit to Seville.

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