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Photo by Andy Bent on Flickr

This picture is of the forecourt of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, in Seoul, South Korea. The palace guards at the right and the back of the picture are preparing for a recreation of the Imperial Changing of the Guard ceremony. You can see that the palace has been lovingly restored and that the “guards” are beautifully dressed in flamboyant costumes – but you can also see that modern Seoul-ites are taking the presence of a group of 13th century soldiers in their stride, while there is modern art behind the “guards” at the back of the picture. That collision of respect for history and the desire to get on with life in the modern world sums up Seoul and South Korea for me!

I nominate two fantastic photographers, Gavin Smith  in the hope that he will have a picture of the Orkneys to share and Lachlan Main. Lachlan has taken some very fine photo’s of Wales and it would be great to see one of them here.

Thank Andy, a fascinating photo for South Korea.  Looking forward to seeing Gavin and Lachlan’s pictures.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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