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Leanach Cottage on Culloden Moor

Photo by Arnel Gonce of TheRomanticTraveler.wordpress.com

Leanach Cottage on Culloden Moor tells the brutal History of Scotland without uttering a word.  I took over a thousand pictures from Edinburgh to Inverness, but this is what remains of the last Civil War, on the edge of Culloden Battlefield.  The roof is heather, the floor is dirt and the walls are stone. It seems to transport the person back in time to that fateful day on April 16th, 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobite followers met with disaster on the freezing, rain soaked field in a battle that would be Scotland‘s last bid for independence.

I would like to nominate by Dmetrii Levine (sillymonkeyphoto.com) and theegotripper.com.

Thank you Arnel for this fabulous photo representing Scotland.  Let’s see what theegotripper and Dmetrii come up with!

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