Picture The World Project, Queensland


Photo by Charli & Ben of wanderlusters.co.uk

This is a photograph of some anemone fish taking shelter in an anemone at Steve’s Bommie on the Great Barrier Reef. The tropical waters of Queensland’s shores are home to perhaps the most famous of the world’s coral reefs. The diversity of marine life found on the reef is echoed in the lush rainforests that hug the coast making the state a favoured destination for thousands each year. We feel our image reflects the state of Queensland as it is bursting with life and colour just like the rainforests and reefs that it is so well known for.

We have already nominated Dani & Jess (of Globetrotter Girls) to submit an image for Chile. They are currently travelling through the region. We’d also like to nominate Beth and Gaz (of Enjoy The Journey) to submit an Image of Honduras, they lived here for 3 months last year.

Another stunning photo by Charli and Ben this time representing Queensland.  It’s 25 years since I swam on the reef…time for a return visit!

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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