Picture The World Project, Panama


Photo by Laura Mannering of worldoutthere.net

Porvenir Island is the link between mainland Panama and the rest of the San Blas Islands, which lie on the Caribbean side of the country – boats arrive daily from Carti Port and there’s a tiny airstrip ferrying passengers to and from the archipelago. This picture, taken on Porvenir as the sun comes up, captures the tranquillity of the islands – part of Panama but run by the Kuna tribe and without outside investment, there is lots of natural beauty and very few frills. Indigenous tribes are an important part of Panamanian culture – the San Blas Islands are the perfect place to meet the Kuna and gain an insight into their way of life.

My two suggested nominees are Sam Philpott and Toni White (reclaimingmyfuture.com).

What a wonderful view to see every morning.  Beautiful Panama.  Over to Sam and Toni.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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