Picture The World Project, Oklahoma

Oklahoma PTWP

Photo by Paula Blaxton of StuffITellMySister.Me

My photo represents the Oklahoma farm land in the heart of United States of America.  The farmer provides food for our tables.  His is a thankless job in unpredictable weather conditions.  Flooding, severe drought, freezing tempturatures, extreme heat, high winds.  Nothing stands in the way of what must be done. Before the sun is up, the farmer is in the field. For it is in his blood, as it was his father’s and his grandfather’s. It is loyalty.  Determination. Stubbornness. Heritage. It is what makes Oklahoma strong.  This is the true heart of Oklahoma.

I would like to nominate The Eff Stop (theeffstop.com) for Arkansas in the USA and Rebecca (4110photography.com) for the state of Mississippi in the USA.

Thanks for sharing Paula.  A fabulous image for Oklahoma.  Looking forward to the Eff STop and Rebecca’s photos!

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