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Photo by Craig Hickson of flashpackatforty.com

Lake Tekapo View from Church of the Good Shepherd, New ZealandLake Tekapo was one of the first destinations we visited whilst touring around New Zealand in a campervan.  We were shocked at the tranquillity and vibrancy of this amazing lake. This was the first of many jaw dropping scenes we found in New Zealand.

This photograph epitomises the awesome beauty that awaits any visitor.  It shows the mountains, trees and a lake depicting the natural wonders that are abundant in this ecologically diverse and beautiful country.

The lake was so blue under the strong midday sun, that we took shelter in this church and found this scene awaiting us. Perfect!

I nominate Aaron (of aaronswwadventures.com) and Tom (of waegook-tom.com).

This stunning photo brings back great memories from my time in New Zealand. As you say, Perfect! Looking forward to seeing Tom and Aaron’s photos.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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