Picture The World Project, New York


Photo by Adam E Isler of obBLOGato.wordpress.com

I’ve had a hard time choosing among the many New York subway photos I feel are emblematic of New York.  In these pictures I try to capture New Yorkers as they are, on the way to work or the way home.  The subway is a quintessentially New York setting: people from all walks of life and all countries of the world rub shoulders together; Wall Street bankers and the homeless all trying to get from A to B. The image I’m including here garnered quite a few “likes” when I published it on my blog not long ago.

I nominate Helen of helenog.wordpress.com and Barbara of  barbaraelka.com.

I can see why Adam’s photo received many ‘likes’.  I wonder what Helen and Barbara will come up with?

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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