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Photo by Steve and Maddy from imnothome.com

Nepal’s rich culture is deep-seated in spirituality, Buddhism being the major religion in the mountainous regions. Prayer flags, according to the Tibetan Buddhists, send out a prayer with every flap they make in the breeze.  They adorn stupas, pinnacles and makeshift shrines like this one, throughout the Himalayas.

A photo epitomizing Nepal would not be complete without a Himalayan backdrop – the highest mountains on the planet and the pride of every Nepali.  Centuries-old ethnic groups call the Himalayas home, but the mountains are also the lifeblood of the entire country.  Nepal’s river system originates solely in the greater Himalayas; they are the primary reason for tourism, Nepal’s largest industry; and are at the very core of spirituality for Nepal’s deeply devout people.

We nominate Jason (of anoutofthewayplace.com), and Britney/Sean (of tallandtheshortofit.com) to submit photos.

Many thanks to Steve and Maddy for this reminder of my time in Nepal.  Standing face to face with the highest mountain on the planet is a very humbling experience.  Over to Britney and Sean.  Jason has already supplied his fabulous photo of the US.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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