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Photo by Lourika Reinders Photography – lourikareinders.com

This photo represents everything that people expect of Namibia. This picture was taking at Dead Vlei, a white clay pan located near the famous salt pan of Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft park in Namibia. The name Dead Vlei or Dead Valley, means “dead mash”

Dead Vlei is surrounded by some of the highest sand dunes in the world. When the Tsauchab river floods it creates temporary pools in the Dead Vlei, this allowed camel thorn trees to grow. But when the drought hits the area, the trees die because there is not enough water to survive.

The remaining skeletons of the trees, are believed to be about 900 years old. The sun has scorched the trees black, but they are not yet petrified, the wood does not decompose because it is so dry.

I am nominating Richard D Love (of damilophototravel.com) and Andy McSweeney (of andymcsweeney.com) to contribute their photos from around the world.

A fabulous photo to represent the stunning country of Namibia.  Thanks for sharing Lourika.  Over to Andy and Richard, I wonder what countries they will choose!

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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