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Bagan in Myanmar

Photo by Taryn Adler of wanderista.com

Much of Myanmar’s recent past–and even its present–is marred with conflict, oppression and poverty. In stark contrast, a visit to the archaeological site of Old Bagan offers a glimpse of the country’s “golden period” (roughly 1057-1287) when over 10,000 temples, monasteries and pagodas crowded the landscape of a peaceful, prosperous Buddhist kingdom. Over 2,000 still remain today and not even the erosion of time and weather subtract from the splendor. Rent a bike and explore, with the numerous temples–and comparatively few tourists–you can find yourself alone in any number of them.

I nominate fellow round-the-world travelers Beth (of recipeforadventures.com) and Kima (of @KIMA_YES_I_ROCK) to join the project as well via twitter.

I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to represent Myanmar than these temples.  Let’s see what Beth and Kima come up with, how exciting!

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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