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Photo by Martina of themartina.com

It is common to think that Lithuania is somehow associated with Russia. The truth is, Lithuanians are a distinct, and proud, ethnic group and speak one of the oldest Indo-European (not Slavic) languages in the world. Apart from its fascinating historical past and rich culture, the long and warm midsummer days are perfect to enjoy the outdoors.

In June, when the sun rises before 5AM and sets at 10PM, holidaymakers, kayakers, and nature lovers in general can explore the Aukstaitija National Park. While wandering in the longstanding forests, you might come across deer, elk, wild boars and spot many endangered species of birds. There are also 126 lakes to swim in or enjoy other water activities on, right after your barbecue dinner.

I nominate Rich Theemling from (of holland-photography.net) for his pictures of the Netherlands and Lili Ana (of 500px.com/Lili_Ana) for her South American pictures.

Thanks Martina for sharing another fantastic photo.   Can’t wait to visit Lithuania.

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