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Photo by Victoria Milner of themilnerguide.com

Spice stall in Souk al-Haraj, Tripoli. This photo embodies the essence of the Libya I saw in October 2010. Like most Libyans we encountered, this stall-holder was delighted that foreign tourists were visiting his country. He was proud to show off his shop and didn’t mind at all posing for a photo. The shop sold all manner of spices and staples distinct to Libyan cuisine; turmeric, cumin, lentils and cous cous to name a few. I wonder what became of this kind man when his country was thrown into war less than 4 months later?

I would like to nominate @TraveloCafe and @chickybus to add photos from their travels in other countries.

There are some countries I thought we might have trouble finding a photo. Libya was one of those countries! Thanks so much for sharing Vitoria.

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