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Latvia PTWP

Photo by Jason Visco of anoutofthewayplace.com

Latvia remains one of the most heavily forested countries in Europe and this shows in the people’s special attachment to the woods. There they harvest birch juice in spring, search for Christmas trees in winter and pick mushrooms in the fall. In fact, the Latvian language even has dedicated words that mean “to pick mushrooms” and “to pick berries”.

This particular photo happens to be the result of one of those happy moments when the universe smiles on the photographer. The sun was beginning to set and the long path through the woods nicely balanced the historic Latvian cottage. That was already a nice setting, but the girl in the red coat transformed the whole seem into what for me appears to be a seen straight out of a fairy tale.

I nominate Mira Wilke and Otto Lutz.

Thanks Jason for this stunning photo.  Jason is doing well in thedepartureboard’s most travelled, can you beat him?

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