Picture The World Project, Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Abissa PTWP

Photo by Jeanette of globalgrazers.wordpress.com

While almost everyone has seen Abidjan’s modern skyline, most foreigners don’t realize that Ivory Coast is also home to verdant mangroves, lush lagoons, tropical forests, mountains, waterfalls, and stunning white sand beaches.  In addition to its natural beauty, this West African nation is home to an estimated 65 linguistic groups, each with its own unique culture, food, celebrations and history.  Ivory Coast is a nation that honors and celebrates its local history and traditions, seamlessly integrating the old and the new, and weaving it all into a rich and colorful tapestry.

I have nominated Flanerie Feminine for Switzerland and Jolene’s Life in Focus for Ireland.

What an incredibly vibrant photo representing the Ivory Coast! Thanks Jeanette.

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