Picture The World Project, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Photo by Pola Henderson of jettingaround.com

The picture shows the Chicago skyline, as viewed from the city’s third tallest building, the John Hancock Center. Chicago, Illinois was the birthplace of the steel-framed skyscraper, after the Great Fire of 1871 had destroyed a third of the city’s wood-construction buildings.

The Fire was one of the greatest disasters of the 19th century and the city could have been left in ruins. However, the rapid rebuilding and Chicago’s growth that followed embodies the spirit of the USA – constant innovation, endless possibilities, and the American Frontier endurance.

I would like to nominate Chris & Tawny of captainandclark.com and Raul of ilivetotravel.me.

Wow! What a fabulous photo representing Illinois.  Thanks so much Pola for sharing.  Looking forward to Chris/Tawny’s and Raul’s pictures.

Picture The World Project

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