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Photo by James Louie of notesplusultra.com

Marooned on a traffic island, I pause for a moment as the neon lights reflect off the double-decker buses in a dazzling blur of colour. Free-wheeling, raw, and packed with an unquenchable energy, Hong Kong is a bite-sized assault on the senses. A powerful work ethic and can-do attitude has transformed the ‘Fragrant Harbour’ into a burgeoning metropolis, containing more than 6,400 skyscrapers and 7 million souls. It is after nightfall that this city really comes into its own, a tangible presence in the movies of homegrown directors like Wong Kar-Wai.

My gratitude goes to Madhu (theurgetowander.com) for handing me this honour. I am nominating Lucy (loca4motion.wordpress.com) for her brilliant captures on living in Guatemala, and Nicole (thirdeyemom.com) for the profound insights on her round-the-world travels.

Thank you to James for contributing this picture representing Hong Kong.  Over to Lucy and Nicole!

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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