Picture The World Project, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

Photo by Cornelia Lohs of strassenfotojournal.com

The country I choose is my home country Germany. This photo shows the two most famous landmarks of my birth city Heidelberg: The Old Bridge and the Heidelberg Castle. Since the early 19th century the castle has been synonymous with Romanticism. In fact, Heidelberg, the city of poets and thinkers, was the center of Romanticism in Germany. My photo reflects my country because wherever I travel in the world, when I mention I am German people ask me about three cities: Heidelberg, Berlin and Munich. And, whenever I mention that I am from Heidelberg, they tell me they heard about the castle. I guess it is a German symbol.

I nominate the following two people to contribute.  NYC photographer Adam Isler (of obblogato.wordpress.com) and Stephen L.Tyler (of eseltee.wordpress.com)

Thank you Cornelia for this stunning image representing Germany.  Adam and Stephen the standard of photographs have been very high, no pressure!

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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