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Photo by Martina of themartina.com

Ecuador is a country that has it all – the soaring Andes, some of the most bio-diverse  rainforests, white-sand beaches, plenty of culture, and countless banana plantationsDole, Del Monte, Chiquita and many other producers grow their bananas in Ecuador, making the country the largest exporter of the fruit.

After wheat, rice, and corn, bananas provide nutrition to millions of people.  Fried plátanos, a non-sweet type of banana, dipped in egg yolk was the favourite breakfast dish of the Ecuadorian children of the family with whom I stayed.

When I saw this truck passing by in Quito, I knew that it illustrated perfectly Ecuador reliance on bananas for both sustenance and income.

I would like to nominate Ginte Gudzeviciute  (of facebook.com/ginte.gudzeviciute) for her pictures of Ireland and Martina (of travelwithtina.net) for her pictures of Estonia.

Thanks for sharing Martina, what a fun picture for Ecuador.  Looking forward to Ginte and Martina’s photos!

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