Picture The World Project, Easter Island


Photo by Cassie Kifer of everintransit.com

We took this photo a few months ago when we visited Easter Island, the most remote inhabited island in the world. The small, South Pacific island was full of barren, grassy or rocky landscapes, dotted occasionally by the giant stone heads (“moai”) for which the island is known. This photo was taken at Rano Raraku on Easter Island, the volcanic stone quarry from which most of the moai were carved. The barren landscape, caused by years of deforestation and soil erosion is a reminder of the serious and permanent impact humans can have on the natural environment.

I nominate Kimi (Wandering Souldier: wanderingsouldier.com) to add a photo from her recent travels through either Iceland or Russia, and Hilarye and Reid (Dotting The Map: dottingthemap.com) to add a photo from their recent travels to British Colombia, Alaska, or their home state of Utah.

Such a recognisable image of Easter Island.  Thanks for sharing Cassie.  Looking forward to Kimi and Hilarye/Reid’s pictures.

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