Picture The World Project, Cuba

Havana Cuba PTWP

Photo by Clint Johnston of triphackr.com

Cuba packs a world of history in the small Caribbean nation and when you think of Cuba usually old American cars come to mind. I took this photo right outside the Casa Particular I was fortunate enough to stay at in Old Havana. The decaying beauty of Old Havana is only heightened by the classic cars of America’s past that never seem to die.

As an American it was an amazing experience to see a world often off limits to us. Perhaps some day it will be truly open for American tourism but until then I will remember my time in a forbidden country.

I would like to nominate Sam of nomadicsamuel.com and Tony of LandingStanding.com to contribute to this Picture of the World Project.

Thanks for sharing your second wonderful photo Clint. When I think of Cuba this exactly the image that enters my mind.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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