Picture The World Project, Costa Rica


Photo by The Romantic of thelazytravelers.com

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, it was my mission to see as many animals in their natural habitat as possible. When we finally made it to Manuel Antonio in Quepos halfway through our trip, I was practically in heaven. Though there are so many beautiful things to see in Costa Rica, I was most drawn to all of the wildlife, and the passion they have to preserve the rainforest. This photo of a monkey with her infant on her back was the perfect photo to capture everything I loved about the country.

I nominate Britany & Abby of SOTCblog.com and John of TravelRinseRepeat.com next!

I think 95% of my Costa Rica photos were of wildlife! Thanks Romantic.  Over to John and Britany & Abby.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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