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Photo by Whitney Shindelar of undiscoveredsunsets.com

China is a fascinating country overflowing with history.  Unfortunately, little of this history is preserved.  Here, in Xitang, you can still find classic Chinese architecture in the stone arch bridges and tiled roofs.  The color red in China is symbolic of health, happiness, peace, prosperity, and harmony.  The red lanterns are believed to keep evil spirits away with its red glow while brightening the mood of the people surrounding.  The small signs hanging on the side of each building are advertising tea (cha).  Once accepted as currency, now believed to contain medicinal qualities, tea drinking is, considered by some, an art in the People’s Republic of China.

I nominate Patrick Grossman and Sonya Heydorn of Germany (paso.cc) to contribute a photo each to the Picture the World Project.  They are now coming to the end of a one year trip around the world having visited 20 countries.

Thanks Whitney for sharing this stunning photo of China.  I love the full circle reflection on the bridge.  Over to Sonya and Patrick.

Picture The World Project

Picture The World Project


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