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Cambodia Ta Phrom Temple

Photo by Noah Lederman of SomewhereOrBust.com

I spent a few weeks in Cambodia looking at stacks of skulls and mass graves, reminders of the recent atrocities that had plagued the country in the 1970s. But this photograph helped capture the beauty of Cambodia. Of the temples that surround Angkor Wat, a massive complex of ruins built as early as the 9th Century, there are a few that have giant spung trees growing atop the roofs. Depicted is a beautiful fusion between the natural world and that of an ancient civilization. Visit the tree temples, as they’re called, at Ta Phrom, Preah Khan, and Ta Som either by bicycle or tuk tuk, both of which you can hire for the day. Three dollars for the former and twelve for the latter.

Thanks Noah for sharing this photo of Cambodia.  I have fond memories of my visit to the complex of Angkor.

You can listen to Noah on the Amateur Traveler Podcast by clicking this link.

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