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Photo by Dave Edwards of davestraveltales.com

GanviéBenin pictured here was established solely because of the salve trade. The Tofinu people fled into the middle of Lake Nokoué in the 17th century and built this impressive stilt village to escape capture by the Dahomey’s Fon warriors, whose religion forbade them from entering water. Today Ganvié is said to be the largest stilt village in Africa with around 20,000 people living there. Having visited Ganvié in June of this year it’s never ending maze of thatched wooden buildings, churches, and schools all made me think about my materialistic life, their make-do-and-mend attitude towards life is inspiring.

For me this picture really captured the essence of my time in Benin, whole families work together to make a living, and these two boys were hard at work practicing their fishing skills on the lake that day. Béninoise people remember their history, and the disturbing stories of a country ripped apart by the Atlantic Slave Trade are still retold in graphic detail today. Travelling through Benin was an eye opening experience and something that I will never forget.

I would like to nominate Jayne from (40before30.com) for her fantastic photos of Iceland and Matt from (landlopers.com) for pretty much any of his photos of Africa!

An incredible photo of Benin, a country of which I know very little.  Over to Jayne and Matt.  Unfortunately Iceland has already gone so hopefully Jayne will find another country to complete.

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