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Photo by Geoff Degen of Wild Frontiers

This image shows a proud Afghani gentleman in the Wakhan, Afghanistan, and was taken on one of Wild Frontiers’ adventure holidays.  The Wakhan is a rugged, mountainous and beautiful region in north eastern Afghanistan, and includes a narrow strip of land (the Wakhan Corridor) separating Tajikistan and Pakistan.   In the late nineteenth century the Wakhan formed the famous buffer zone between the British and Russian empires during the “Great Game”.

Afghanistan is perhaps not the first destination that springs to mind when one is considering a holiday destination, but the adventurous traveller will find, in the Wakhan, a beautiful and stable area where the Taliban has never had a presence.   This peaceful region is predominantly populated by welcoming Wakhi herdsmen, and with no mobile reception, internet access or even electricity for the most part, this is one of the most remote, authentic and memorable travelling experiences you can have.   Read more about Afghanistan holidays.

Thanks Geoff for sharing a country less travelled by the average tourist.

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