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Welcome to another Meet the STEPPERS interview.   Just to recap, as part of our STEPS Top 100 Most Travelled initiative any traveller that has amassed over 15,000 points will have the opportunity to be interviewed.  Instead of the standard interview questions we have created the Perfect Travel Day, whereby the interviewees share their favourite breakfast, lunch, afternoon excursion, dinner and hotel stay, and finally the destinations that fill their dreams.

The Lazy Travelers have been ripping up the Top 10 for quite sometime and amassing over 20,000 point to date, so we will let them off with their misspelling of travellers!   So sit back and enjoy the Wino and Romantic’s Perfect Travel Day.


Carolyn & AshleyWe are two girls who have survived driving across Ireland without a valid license, sleeping on a sailboat in St. Thomas, singing along with drunken expats in a Parisian piano bar, food poisoning in Egypt, and many poorly packed last-minute getaways.

We’ve gone on an 8-day proper Irish bender and navigated London in less than 24 hours.  Collectively, we’ve covered five continents, dozens of countries, and more than half of the United States.

Maybe we haven’t seen the Spanish Steps due to the world’s worst hangover, but we think we’ve got traveling the globe down to a science.


European breakfasts generally trump all other breakfasts, ever, but at a B&B in Lausanne, Switzerland we tried Swiss Muesli for the very first time.  It was love at first bite.


Baguette with Camembert, unlimited carafes de vin rouge, anywhere in Paris.   Does not matter which cafe, as long as we’re sitting outside for prime people watching.


We once spent an afternoon atop two sassy horses, exploring the hills of Dingle, Ireland.   Even in the cold, drizzly weather, it was picture perfect.


The Upper East Side of Manhattan is regularly dismissed by the New York foodie scene, but one of our favorites is The Penrose on 83rd & 2nd.   Craft beers, amazing comfort food, and the decor transports you immediately out of the city.   It was the neighborhood’s best kept secret for about five minutes, but we still love it.

The Penrose, 1590 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028 –


We recently stayed in VerbierSwitzerland at the Hotel Ermitage, and the view from our balcony was unreal.   We also may have slept well due to our participation in their world famous apres-ski activities, but we’ll give the comfort of the hotel some credit, too.

Hotel Ermitage, Carrefour Central 2-18, CH-1936, Switzerland –


An African safari is probably going to sit perched at the very top of our dream list until we finally make it to Kenya or Tanzania or South Africa or Zambia or… seriously, anywhere in Africa.


Thanks guys for sharing your Perfect Travel Day.   Be sure to check out the Wino and Romantic’s website mentioned in the bio.

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