Meet the Lemurs in Madagascar

Lemur of Madagascar

The fourth largest island of the world Madagascar lies off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean.  The island, which once was a part of the African landmass, has been isolated for about 165 million years. The isolation has been godsend for one of the oldest primates and also one of the most endangered species in the world, the Lemur.

A visit to Madagascar could see you coming face to face with about 60 taxas (species, sub-species) of lemurs.  The diversity of the lemurs is incredible, ranging from the tiny Pygmy Lemur, weighing just twenty five grams, to the huge Indri that are about 400 times heavier at approximately ten kilograms.

The best place to engage with the lemurs is the Amalamazoatra Reserve, which is about four hours from the island’s capital.  The lemurs at the reserve are very friendly towards humans, and will fascinate you with their antics and playfulness.  The Indri will keep you entertained by singing like a whale, while the Sifaka will catch your attention as it moves over with the grace of a ballet dancer.

Photo by belgianchocolate (on Flickr)

Where to find the Lemurs in Madagascar

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