Go Surfing in Newquay, Cornwall

The town of Newquay located on the Atlantic Ocean in the county of Cornwall is often regarded as the king of the surfing scene in England.   Newquay is often blessed with the best of English weather conditions, consistent waves and a wide array of beaches perfect for surfing throughout the year.

There are a large number of beaches to choose from with one of the most popular beaches being Watergate Bay which is the perfect place to surf if you are a novice.   At Mawgan Porth beach you will find the best waves in the county and the cliffs form an amphitheater making it a perfect place for sunbathing as well as surfing.  If you looking for an extra bit of zip you can head to Porth Beach but you should be prepared for a long walk back to the beach if you are surfing in low tide.  Probably the most famous surfing beach in Newquay is the popular Fistral Beach, where you can learn the nuances of surfing.

Victoria Milner of singaporefoodie.com says “Jamie Oliver has a branch of his Fifteen restaurant at Watergate Bay which is an excellent place to visit for great food”

Photo by Lucy Dodsworth of ontheluce.com

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Si Salter of thedepartureboard.com says “The waves can be deceptively large, with currents that can soon drag you under on some beaches, so you must take care”

Debs of destinationfoodandtravel.com says “Fistral can be a bit tricky but always ask for advice – never be embarrassed by asking – after all surfing can be dangerous…..the sea is unpredictable….. These days I gather, Newquay offers some of the best surfing tuition in the UK and some great nightlife (even for us oldie goldies!)”

Roisinmiller of healthyheartyfoods.blogspot.com says “If you want a quieter beach go for lusty glaze – better for body boarding and far more secluded!”

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Lucy Dodsworth of ontheluce.com says “It started to drizzle as we did the practice on the beach and by the time we hit the water the wind had picked up and then it started to hail. I lasted about 10 minutes until the wind caught my surfboard and smacked me in the head so I decided to abandon ship, and haven’t tried again since”
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