Eat an Ulster Fry in Northern Ireland

Ulster FryIf you are travelling across Northern Ireland you will find the locals relishing their traditional breakfast – the Ulster Fry. The sumptuous meal comprises of soda bread and potato farls cooked in reserved bacon fat, served along with fried eggs, fried sausages, bacon, white and black pudding, tea and if you want you can have fried mushrooms and beans as an option.

If you are wondering why the locals eat such a hearty breakfast, the answer lies in the lifestyle of the rural Irish folk. Traditionally the Irish preferred to have a light lunch and since working extremely hard on the farms needed the heavy meal to keep them energetic until evening.

The Ulster Fry is a staple meal in the rural Northern Ireland, while in the urban areas the breakfast is usually enjoyed at weekends. You will find that most of B&B outlets serve the sumptuous meal, although to have one of the most amazing breakfasts in the capital Belfast head to St. George’s Market Bar & Grill.

Photo by Jeremy Keith (on Flickr)

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An Ulster Fry At North Lakes by don’tstopliving – It was the full works. Sausages, eggs, bacon, hash browns and those two special ingredients of an Ulster Fry – Soda Bread and Potato Bread!! I munched it…click here to read full article.

Travel: Northern Ireland by Travel, Wine, Dine – A short drive outside of Belfast, we stopped in a coastal town called Carrickfergus and found ourselves a pub serving breakfast. And not just any breakfast, but the Ulster fry. Made up of eggs, bacon…click here to read full story.

The Ulster Fry by @georgesbargrill for @breakfastweek on Belfast Times – The Ulster Fry, a traditional fry that’ll set you up for the day. Well my Ulster Fry last Saturday morning at St George’s Bar|Grill certainly set me up for the day. Before I got stuck in to playing shop at my St George’s Market stall I abandoned everything to try out the first morning of breakfast service…click here to read full article

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“I like the one in Conor just opposite the Ulster Museum in Stranmillis area of South Belfast. Students flock to Maggie May’s which is just around the corner. It really does set you up for the day, especially after a night out. If that sounds like too much, you can always have a breakfast Belfast bap in St. George’s Market and you can choose your fillings” by MonarchButterflyVoyager
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“If you want to relax then eat one as it fills you up so much you can’t move and need a sleep!” by Debs
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