Eat a Polish Pierogi Stuffed Dumpling


If you are travelling through Poland you should not miss taking a bite into their national dish – Pierogi Stuffed Dumplings.  A Pierogi is essentially an unleavened dough dumpling, which is boiled and then baked or fried before being stuffed with different fillings.

Pierogi was traditionally regarded as a food for the peasants before it became popular with all social classes.  The snack is now an essential part of Polish culture, with many various shapes and fillings being used for different festivals.  You may be surprised to learn that the dish even has a patron saint – St. Hyacinth and a Pierogi festival is held in the city of Krakow in St. Hyacinth’s Day where up to 50,000 Pierogis are consumed in a single day.

You can have a variety of fillings in your Pierogi, although the most popular filling is mashed potato.  Other fillings available include mushroom, meat, potato and sour cream, spinach and even fruits such as blueberry.   You can taste a Pierogi as per your taste buds desire, as they are served in flavours that are sweet, salty or savoury.   The sweet Pierogi will be served with sour cream, while the savory version will be served with bacon.

Photo by Alexander Baxevanis (on Flickr)

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