Eat Hot Dog from a Street Stall in Denmark

As you wander around the streets of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen you will stumble across Polsevogn or a hot dog stands on almost every street of the city. Also called Red Polse, Hot Dogs are so popular in Denmark they are often called the country’s national dish, with over 100 million Red Polses consumed annually.

It is believed that Red Polse was first sold in Denmark in 1910 with the first Polsevogn emerging in Copenhagen in 1921.  You may be surprised to know that each Red Polse was initially dipped into red dye to hide the fact that the sausage used was a day old, the tradition still continues.  You might be bewildered when the attendant asks you if want bread and which of the many sauces and mustards you would like.  Each has a distinctive flavor and texture!

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