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Egyptian Museum

A visit to Egypt would not be complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum located at Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo.  The museum was first established in 1858 and after being located at the Giza Palace for about two decades it moved to its present location on 15th November 1902.  The museum which has a incredible collection of over 120,000 artifacts gives an insight into the rich heritage of Egypt, dating back to the prehistoric period and holds the largest collection of the artifacts of the famed Pharaohs.

As you visit the Egyptian Museum you will be fascinated by the enormous collection of gold, silver and bronze coins and fragmented papyrus (thin paper-like material) in several languages belonging to the ancient period.  The mummies of the royal family housed in two of the hundred rooms will leave you amazed.  One of the main attractions of the museum are the treasures of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun, with the gold mask of the king made in 11 kg of pure gold being the jewel in the crown.   You can also view various items found at the tombs of several Pharaohs and the artifacts from the Valley of Kings.

Photo by V Manninen (on Flickr)

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Suzanne Lea Jones of says “The Mummy exhibit is quite fascinating and also air-conditioned so a great way to cool down”
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Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, Cairo 63514
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