Claw your way to Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami

Joe’s Stone Crab

On Washington Avenue in Miami, Florida is an historic eatery called Joe’s Stone Crab, which is famous for serving amazing…wait for it…yep, Stone Crabs.  The restaurant always attracts a host of celebrities opened way back in 1913, and was even featured in the film The Mean Season. Past diners have included gangster Al Capone and Frank Sinatra.

You may be surprised to learn that their signature dish “Stone Crab” was not preplanned, but entered the menu by pure accident.  The story dates back to 1921, when an ichthyologist (someone who studies fishes) brought a sack full of stone crabs to the restaurant.  The owner put them  in boiling water and served them with hash-brown potatoes, mayonnaise and coleslaw.  To the surprise of everyone it was an immediate success.

Eating at Joe’s Stone Crab is an experience in itself, as you have to eat almost your entire meal with your hands, which can be quite messy. Apart from the Stone Crab you should not miss trying their starter Coconut Shrimp or the main Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with Grilled Tomatoes.  After a sumptuous meal you can put the icing on the cake by having a Florida favourite, Key Lime Pie.

It’s worth taking note that Joe’s is closed seasonally from late summer till mid-October.

Photo by jessiesgirl614 (on Flickr)

Where to find Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab, 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

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