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Sail over to Vasa Museum, Stockholm

The Vasa Museum is located on Djurgården island in the Swedish capital Stockholm, and is the most visited museum in Scandinavia.  The maritime museum opened in 1990 and is home to the salvaged sixty-four gun warship Vasa, built for the war with Poland-Lithuania between 1621-1629. 

Attend a Masquerade Ball in Venice

Ten days before Martedi Grasso or Shrove Tuesday (which falls either in February or March) the Italian city of Venice, Veneto plays host to the world’s largest and most famous Masquerade Ball.  The tradition of the Masquerade Ball dates back to the fifteenth century, although

Explore the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Italian city of Florence is home to many great museums, however on the Pizzale Delgi lies possibly the finest art museum in Europe – Uffizi Gallery.  Established back in 1581 the Uffizi Gallery is also one of the oldest museums in Europe.  The gallery has a huge collection of artwork and

Take a Boat on the Bosphoros

On a visit to the Turkish capital of Istanbul you should not miss the opportunity to take a cruise on the Bosphoros Strait.  The waterway, which is about 20 miles long, joins the Black sea to the Sea of Marmara, dividing the continents of Asia and