Build Up Extortionate Mobile Phone Charges While Abroad

Using your smartphone for texting, talking, emailing and browsing the Internet as you travel across the globe on business or pleasure can leave a huge hole in your pocket. One of the biggest bogeyman for the modern day traveller who is so dependent upon the phone is raking up extortionate mobile phone charges.

A British holidaymaker bore the brunt of a mistake made by one of the phone companies on his two week trip to United States. The person had bought a £6 Internet deal before leaving home and during his trip used the Internet frequently and made just one phone call. On returning from vacation he got quite a shock when he was charged a whooping £4,180, eighty times his normal mobile phone bill. On calling the mobile company he admitted his mistake and was offered a paltry £100 discount for the inconvenience caused. After a lot of haggling the gentleman had to cough up £500 to settle the account.

Buying a local SIM card once you land up in a country is often seen to be the best solution to avoid building up extortionate mobile phone charges, but this is not as simple as you might think. In many countries there are very strict regulations about issuing a SIMs and even when issued it might take about forty eight hours for it to be activated.

If you frequently travel to a particular country buying a local SIM card might be a great idea, and about two fifths of globetrotters use this method according to a recent survey. Several companies offer prepaid local SIM cards for over fifty countries which you can purchase before you embark on your journey and have activated as soon as you land. These SIMs can allow you to make a considerable saving as incoming calls are absolutely free while data, texts and calls are charged at local rates, while discounts are offered on international calls.

Yet another option that you can consider is buying a global SIM card offered by a number of companies as the charges will be much lower than using your regular mobile SIM.

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