Simon Salter – Since I’ve known Simon, he has managed to cram a lot into a relatively short space of time. He’s managed to refurbish a thatched cottage, got married, ran the Maldon Mud Race, grown a beard, trekked 100km over the South Downs, driven the Plymouth-Banjul Rally AND driven a London Taxi from London to Kyrgyzstan all in the name of Charidee..

Si SalterThis is just a part of the enigma that is Simon Salter. He feels comfortable wherever he maybe, whether that would be taking it easy at home in Chelmsford or relaxing with a mint tea in the Djemaa el-Fna. As long as he gets his monthly pint of Guiness, he’ll be happy!

Simon has travelled the world extensively having stepped foot on five continents. He’s had the good fortune of travelling Australia during the Sydney Olympics, where he even took in a few sports. A far cry from the London Olympics heading our way in 2012!

He has enjoyed skiing in Canada, France, Switzerland and various other European countries, so he’s the man in the snow (I mean know!).

by Gavin London

Earn STEP PointsWhat is the Idea?

Running a travel blogging website does have one prerequisite, you need to travel! This is something that Gavin and I (Si) are finding more difficult these days. I have recently become a father and Gavin is saving ferociously for a new home (though that said Gavin is off to Singapore shortly, so is not entirely letting real life get in the way).

As such spending time away from home is proving more challenging, although our enthusiasm for travel hasn’t diminished.

However, if we can’t get there ourselves, the next best thing is to travel through your stories and and experiences. So that is why is making changes and we have created the Sharing Travel Experience Points System (STEPS for short).

What is STEPS and how does it work?

Every other day we will post a travel experience, restaurant, hotel or attraction. If you have visited that attraction (honesty is the best policy) simply leave a comment sharing a useful tip for future visitors or simply tell the tale of your visit. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace, but the more constructive and entertaining the better. You can even upload a photo! If you are a travel writer or blogger and have written a wonderful post about your time at the attraction then feel free to share the link. It’s all about sharing experiences!

You will receive varying points for every STEPS comment you complete and 1 point for every day you login…simples!


Have you got what it takes to make the STEPS Top 100?

6 Reasons why you should join:

  • It’s fun and FREE!
  • A great opportunity to share your knowledge, tips and to tell your tales of your adventures
  • To show how well travelled you are
  • We hope to be able to share prizes and offers for members from time to time
  • To help you find inspiration of places to visit on your trips and earn points after you have visited
  • And most importantly see where you rank compared to other travellers!

How do I join and collect points?

Joining is quick and easy. However, we do need to register you on the system first. Don’t worry we respect your privacy and won’t spam your email account. We may send you a weekly update email with any developments or a reminder to get those points on the board. There are three easy steps:

  1. Complete the below form.
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  3. Once approved, login on the homepage (halfway down on the left hand side). You are then free to start leaving your comments and collect your points (after comment approval). Please remember, you must Log In first and leave one comment per post, and ONLY if you have visited that attraction!

We will continue to publish occasional interviews, guest posts and tales of travels. In the meantime, join the STEPS revolution and share your knowledge and stories, this could be the start of something really big!

Either check back at the blog or follow us on Twitter for updates, but register now!